We have seen a tremendous change in technology and manufacture design. It has been our agenda to keep up with it all without compromising our integrity.

  Heavy Equipment Appraisals

Heavy Equipment Expert Appraisers

If your company insures big rig trailers, buses, construction equipment, tractor trailers, recreational vehicles, or any medium-to-heavy vehicles we can help with any appraisals you might require.

Zapiens has qualified individuals that have proven to provide a high rate of appraisals for these types of vehicles.  We have expert appraisers qualified with an accurate sense of knowledge to the damage involved with your vehicles.  Our appraisers specialize and are dedicated primarily to focusing on heavy-equipment appraisals.  They can accurately document material damage and provide full reports addressing the issues, repairs, and the time needed for the individual and overall repairs.

Zapiens has been a trusted name in providing heavy equipment appraisals.  We have had hundreds of claims regarding these types of appraisals and work rigorously to complete our appraisals in the shortest possible time, maintaining quality work.

We have been recognized for providing excellent customer service and we understand that communication is key in our continued efforts to excel.  Whether you need appraisal services for one vehicle or a fleet of them, contact us so we can begin to serve your company’s needs.


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