We have seen a tremendous change in technology and manufacture design. It has been our agenda to keep up with it all without compromising our integrity.


With today’s new technology our expertise allows for:
From the ability to video a vehicle at the inspection site, any one of our appraisers is able to reach out to management and get a clear understanding of how this vehicle should be repaired.  We at Zapiens see our responsibility as a general contractor, utilizing all cost effective measures that are expedient to the process and that addresses the vehicle’s overall condition.  

Zapien’s was established in 1993 to bring a solution that is accountable to an industry that demands expertise. Since then we have seen a tremendous change in technology and manufacture design. It has been our agenda to keep up with it all without compromising our integrity and the integrity of anyone else involved in the claim’s process. We are “Discernible, Itemized & Measurable”.

As a facilitator of Claims Inspections…

We have had our share of growing pains that has only made us stronger in our business practices. Our manner is ethical, professional, expedient and cost effective. At our core, we are reasonable thinkers (if it doesn’t make sense, we’re not buying it).

Our coverage is statewide with concentration in all metropolitan areas. It has been our aim to collaborate with appraisers that specialize from one field to another. Which means we have a broad base of experience in all matters vehicular.


Anyone of our collegues has the educational support of the following services that we render
1. Auto (production, classic, antique and special construction), Truck, Motorcycle, Recreational Vehicle,
    Heavy Equipment (to and include agricultural, cranes, special equipment), boats and the ability to
    establish the Actual Cash Value of all the above.

  1. Mechanical issues, we have an ASE master technician aboard, with a degree in mechanical
    engineering. He specializes in mechanical failure and fire origin (cause and effect).
  1. I personally specialize in political problems (repair facilities that need special handling), Diminution of
    Value claims, Expert testimony and Fraudulent activity analysis.
    To compliment the abilities stated above, we are fluent in Spanish and also

    provide the following services:
  1. Computerized Appraisals
  2. Management reports (upon request)
  3. Estimate/Appraisal desk review & audit
  4. Total loss Evaluations
  5. Salvage bid research
  6. D.O.I Re-inspections
  7. Scene Photos
  8. Repo claims (VSI Polices)
  9. Warranty Claims
  10. Lease end condition reports


We work for a broad range of businesses
From insurance companies (standard to non-standard), third party administrators, vehicle transporters, banks and the like. We also understand that each company has its own set of standards and guidelines. We welcome the idea of sitting with you to discuss and design a program that serves your companies individual wants & needs. I look forward to meeting with you and should you need to talk with me in advance, you may reach me on my cellular number that is on 24/7 at (562) 756-5311. Until then, I bid you farewell & best regards,


Fred Zapien
Zapien’s Logistics Inc.

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