Zapien’s Logistic’s specializes in automotive appraisals for many different types of vehicles.  We will appraise most vehicles, from motorcles to heavy equipment.


Dimished Value Appraisals

I was recently asked to perform a desk review on a demand for Diminution of Value. What was different about this assignment is that the assignor actually wanted to pay something towards the perceived argument, but not the arbitrary figure that was being asked for. The adjuster had bought into the claim (of which is the core issue), that if you were to put a repaired vehicle next to one that has never been in an accident, the repaired vehicle would be worth less. This is what is called “Inherent Diminution of Value”. The claim is not without merit, it has teeth, but usually when you’re dealing with a rare, special type (classic) and/or irreplaceable vehicles’… 

Vehicle Claim Appraisals

Upon receipt of your claim, we contact the vehicle owner as soon as possible, knowing that a person without transportation is the main issue. We arrange to inspect at a place and time that is convenient to the vehicle owner.
At the time of the inspection we photo the complete vehicle, with attention given to the point of impact. We confirm the identity and the overall condition of the same.
We query the vehicle owner for a shop preference and if none is available we write our estimates at the prevailing labor rates for the area and for the type of vehicle in question…

Heavy Equipment Appraisals

If your company insures big rig trailers, buses, construction equipment, tractor trailers, recreational vehicles, or any medium-to-heavy vehicles we can help with any appraisals you might require.

Zapiens has qualified individuals that have proven to provide a high rate of appraisals for these types of vehicles. We have expert appraisers qualified with an accurate sense of knowledge to the damage involved with your vehicles. Our appraisers specialize and are dedicated primarily to focusing on heavy-equipment appraisals. They can accurately document material damage and provide full reports addressing the issues, repairs…

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