I recently received a supplement from a repair facility for additional damages after the car had been repaired. The paperwork that was sent included a technical bulletin regarding welder setup and welder preparation. The shop wanted 2 hours to find out which welding process would be best suited for the repairs in question. In an analogy this is like a shop telling me that though there is no inner structure damage apparent, we need to set the vehicle up on a frame rack to be sure. In both cases these are examples of how body shops take advantage of the unsuspecting insurance companies. This shop wanted me to pay for something that is second nature to any professional body man. The shop further wanted additional time to setup and repair the rear frame rails after the repairs had been done as well. From my part I reminded the shop estimator that we had gone over all of the necessary repairs at the initial inspection that included a tear down to reveal any hidden damage. The point is that after any additional damages that the shop wanted the insurance company to pay for should have been addressed before the repairs, not after. After going back and forth, the shop settled for the part price increases only.