We have seen a tremendous change in technology and manufacture design. It has been our agenda to keep up with it all without compromising our integrity.

   Vehicle Claim Appraisals

Insurance Claim Appraisals

Upon receipt of your claim, we contact the vehicle owner as soon as possible, knowing that a person without transportation is the main issue.  We arrange to inspect at a place and time that is convenient to the vehicle owner.

At the time of the inspection we photo the complete vehicle, with attention given to the point of impact.  We confirm the identity and the overall condition of the same.

We query the vehicle owner for a shop preference and if none is available we write our estimate at the prevailing labor rates for the area and for the type of vehicle in question. We utilize all cost effective measures at this point of the appraisal and if there is  a shop preference we will contact that facility and negotiate their rates.

We compliment all of this in our appraiser’s report explaining all that we have done in completing our end of this claim’s journey.


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