We have seen a tremendous change in technology and manufacture design. It has been our agenda to keep up with it all without compromising our integrity.

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Zapien’s Claim Management

To those that are fed up with Auto Body Shops and their ANTICS!

Originated in 1993, “Zapien’s Inc.” was created to make a difference. We serve an industry that is not only looking for cost effectiveness to the indemnified dollar, but expedient to the process, methodical in its approach and courteous to all. We have learned over the years, that to be effective, you must understand the agendas of all that are involved in the claims process, of which dictates our “Mission of Service”.

Since the “l 970’s”, we have observed the “Auto Body” industry, evolve from the “Mom and Pop” repair shops, to an entity that rivals “Wall Street”. It has turned this way, because it can! As vehicles are made to be lighter, safer and more fuel efficient, manufactures have also designed these vehicles, that once in an accident, they may profit as well. This is “BIG” business! At the same time, the insurance companies have been regulated to protect the consumer’s interest, allowing the Body shops to dictate the terms. It begs the question, that if Insurance companies need to be “Discernable, Itemized and Measurable”, why not the auto body industry and their affiliates?

Understanding these dynamics is what separates “Zapien’s Inc.” from its peers. From the moment we receive an assignment, contact is made with the vehicle owner and an explanation of our involvement is given to assure them of our professional commitment to serve their needs. Next, we assign that inspection to a field appraiser; of who has been fully indoctrinated to the guidelines that are specific to the company’s individual wants and needs for the claim at hand. We have found that
“Quality Control” or the lack there of, is a deal breaker and everything is done to ensure that the “Checks and Balances” are in place.

We are associated with other professionals that needless to say have the knowledge and integrity that is prerequisite for our relationship. An emphasis is driven home on “Presentation, Negotiation and Accountability”.

We specialize in those claims that are politically sensitive, either by vehicle owner, car or repair shop. These type of claims are handled by senior management only, yet we never know when they will turn out to be of such, until our field staff has identified them as so. We communicate any abnormality to the claims representative, to discuss a plan of action and solution to resolve any problem that may develop.

We are so confident about our work that we guarantee it! If you are not satisfied with the file that we have handled, you need only call, educate us on our shortcoming and we will not seek payment for that claim.

Please visit our website at www.zapiensinc.com for further information or contact
“Fred Zapien” at (562) 756-5311. So we can discuss your company’s individual wants and needs.

Thank you, for allowing “Zapien’s Logistics” to be of service.

Fred Zapien
Zapien’s Inc.

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